Due to space limitations on this page, please refer to the APS website (www.austinpoetrysociety.org) for full guidelines and a list of all available contests. The following guidelines are specific to both Annual and Monthly contest entries sent to APS via Submittable.


I. Annual Contest Guidelines

As with paper submissions, submit two sets of all your entries, one with your identification information and one without. Your name should appear only on the upper-right hand corner of ONE copy of each poem. Any identification of the author on the other copy, to be sent to the judge, will disqualify the entry.

Type the number and name of the contest in the upper left corner of each poem in both sets of copies.

Arrange each set of the entry poems in order by the contest numbers, one set with author information and the other without. Each set should be clipped (not stapled) together.

Entries which fail to conform to the rules will be disqualified.

Include a separate identification sheet with the following:

                        a. your name, postal address, phone number, and if possible, e-mail address, in the upper left corner; and

                        b. a list in numerical order of the contests you have entered including the number and name of the contests you have entered and each poem’s title.

If you are submitting online via Submittable, you still need to include one blank copy and one identification copy, as well as an identification sheet. You can upload them as separate files in Submittable. Please ensure that you do not include any identifying information in the file name of your documents. If you have specific questions concerning Submittable, please email austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com. 

All entries must be received by April 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Special Note about the Austin Poetry Society Award (#1): As noted in the guidelines, you may submit additional poems to this contest for an additional $5 entry fee.

Email questions to: austinpoetrysociety@gmail.com with the subject line: “Question about APS annual contest.”

All matters concerning the Annual Awards Contests are handled in the strictest confidence until the winners are  announced at the May 2018 program. Award winners' names and poem titles are published in APS publications.


II. Monthly Meeting Contest Guidelines 

Entries must be received by the end of the monthly meeting in September, November, January or March. The Submittable form will open one week before the meeting at which submissions will be collected, and will close at 11:59 p.m. the night after the meeting takes place. 

Entries must be delivered by hand, by postal mail, or via Submittable to the Monthly Contest Chair by the deadline. E-mail is not acceptable.              

Two copies of each entry must be submitted. The name of the Contest, General or Humorous, must be designated in the upper right corner of each copy. The author’s name should appear in the upper left corner on one copy only. Judges will see

Please upload your APS Membership Registration Form on this site along with your payment. 
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