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APS Annual Awards Contest Guidelines for 2020



  1. Entry in an annual contest constitutes submission of the poem for  publication in an anthology, Best Austin Poetry 2019-2020, to be  published after the May 2020 Austin Poetry Society (APS) Annual Awards  Ceremony. Only first place winners will be included in the chapbook. The  APS acquires only the right to one-time use of first place poems and  for subsequent non-exclusive use in any anthology of poems collected  from the Best Austin Poetry series. All other rights return to the  author after publication of the anthology. Rights to all other submitted  poems revert to the poet after judging. In lieu of any payment for use  of the winning poems, we will provide one copy of the anthology to each  poet included.
  2. A copy of all poems which receive any award (first, second or third  prize) may be provided as a courtesy to the sponsor of the contest  and/or honorees specified by the sponsor.
  3. Only Honorary, Lifetime or dues‑paid APS members may enter. The  entry fee is $10, regardless of the number of contests entered once. In  the contest list, see information concerning the fee for entering  Contest No. 1 more than once. Checks are to be made payable to APS.
  4. Each entry must be the original work of the contestant. Contestants  may enter as many contests as desired, but only one poem in any one  contest except for Contest 1, as specified in the list of contests. A  poem entered in one contest may not be entered, in whole or in part, in  any other contest.
  5. All poems that were entered in monthly meeting contests are eligible  for the annual contests except for first place poems chosen by the  judge.
  6. A poem which has, in whole or in part, been previously published in any form including electronic venues is not eligible.
  7. Entries may not be simultaneously submitted for consideration elsewhere.
  8. Any poem that has won a first prize in any APS annual awards contest will be ineligible for all subsequent APS contests.
  9. A poet may not enter a contest for which he or she won first prize the preceding year.
  10. Proofread with care before submitting. After submission, an entry may not be revised, nor may another poem be substituted.
  11. Poems must be typed or printed on 8.5” x 11” white paper, one side  only, and single spaced. To maintain consistent form in the chapbook,  typeface must be Times New Roman 12 point. Variant fonts cause scanning  problems.
  12. All submissions must be in English except when specified otherwise in contest descriptions.
  13. Read each contest description carefully for special instructions  (theme, form, length, etc.). Titles of one line will not be counted  against the maximum line count specified; however, all extra lines  (subtitles, epigrams, stanza break lines, introductory material, or  footnotes) will be counted as part of the poem’s line count.
  14. Submit two sets of all your entries, one with your identification  information and one without. Your name should appear only on the  upper‑right hand corner of ONE copy of each poem. Any identification of  the author on the other copy, to be sent to the judge, will disqualify  the entry.
  15. Type the number and name of the contest in the upper left corner of each poem in both sets of copies.
  16. Arrange each set of the entry poems in order by the contest numbers,  one set with author information and the other without. Each set should  be clipped (not stapled) together.
  17. Staple together single poems exceeding one page to prevent loss or  misplacement. In such cases, specify whether or not a blank stanza break  line occurs at the bottom of the first page.
  18. Please do not send your only copy since entries will not be returned.
  19. Entries which fail to conform to the rules will be disqualified.
  20. Include a separate identification sheet with the following: “ A.,  your name, postal address, phone number, and if possible, e-mail  address, in the upper left corner; and “B., a list in numerical order of  the contests you have entered including the number and name of the  contests you have entered and each poem’s title.
  21. Your submission envelope should include: two sets of poems (one set  with author identification, the other without); identification sheet  described in Item 20 above; and entry fee payable to Austin Poetry  Society.
  22. A contest which does not attract at least five entries will be cancelled, and the prize money will be returned to the sponsor.
  23. All entries must be postmarked or received by April 1, 2020, and addressed to:

Austin Poetry Society Annual Awards
P.O. Box 41346
Austin TX 78704

Note: If you mail your entry less than one week before the deadline, please send an email to to let us know it’s on it’s way.



To Submit Online:

Entries may also be submitted online via Submittable. If submitting online, entries must be received by April  1, 2020, with a time stamp of no later than 11:59 p.m. CST. To enter  through Submittable, go to: 

If you are submitting online, you still need to include one  blank copy and one identification copy, as well as an identification  sheet. You can upload them as separate files in Submittable. Please  ensure that you do not include any identifying information in the file  name of your documents.  

For help with the online submission process, watch this video:

Judges will be appointed by the Annual Awards Committee. The  committee will give preference to well‑published objective judges with  demonstrated competence. Contest sponsors may recommend a judge to be  considered for their contest, but the committee makes the choice and  keeps confidential until the announcement of winners the identities of  judges. Judges’ decisions are final.

All matters concerning the annual awards are handled in the strictest  confidence until the winners are announced at the May 2019 program.  Award winners’ names and poem titles will be published in APS  publications.

If you have questions about the submission process, email with “Annual Contests” as your subject.

Please upload your APS Membership Registration Form on this site along with your payment. 
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